Our Team

Our comprehensive team of experts are here to assist you at every step of the way. For more information about our services or to get in touch with us directly, please use the drop down menus below for our full contact details.

Karla Brennen - General Manager

Karla Brennen

General Manager
P: 613-533-2221 x 3600

Jeffrey Ryan - Executive Chef

Jeffrey Ryan

Executive Chef
P: 613-533-2221 x 3603
E: dgcchef@queensu.ca

Betty Ann Desharnais - Sales & Marketing Manager

Betty Ann Desharnais

Sales and Marketing Manager
P: 613-533-2221 x 3601

Julianna Harbec - Event Sales Coordinator

Julianna Harbec

Event Sales Coordinator
P: 613-533-2221 x 3620
E: julianna.harbec@queensu.ca

Sandra Sobers – Housekeeping Manager

Sandra Sobers

Housekeeping Manager
P: 613-533-2221 x 3607
E: sandra.sobers@queensu.ca

Maggie Stubbs - Office Manager

Maggie Stubbs

Office Manager
P: 613-533-2221 x 3605
E: maggie.stubbs@queensu.ca

Amy Greene - Marketing Coordinator

Amy Greene

Marketing Coordinator
P: 613-533-2221 x 3627